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How Do We Help?

Is asking for help a sign of weakness?

The exact opposite is true. People who are willing to ask for help have the strength to admit they donít have all the answers and want to learn and grow. This is a sign of a successful problem solver. Stubborn, rigid people think they are right and everyone else is wrong. They wouldnít change if their life (marriage, job, children) depended on it.

Marriage and Family Problems:

Everyone has them, but at times they can become overwhelming. A move, job change, or other crises can cause marital difficulties and disharmony within the family. Tempers flare or resentment is left to smolder. When negative emotions get out of control, when tension becomes unbearable, itís time to ask for help.

Sometimes it's me:

You probably tell yourself you should be able to handle it and wonder why you are not. Each of us is different, but our feelings will show up in being irritable, drinking too much, smoking too much, being depressed, being nervous, not having an appetite, not sleeping or sleeping too much. Sometimes we just feel sick or have trouble thinking clearly. Itís time to get help!

Teenagers and children:

Our children have problems but they usually don't tell us directly. They talk about their feelings through their actions; staying in their room, poor grades, fights, drugs or irritability. They rarely ask for help, so you need to ask for them.


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